The Poncho Patch

The Poncho Patch


If you don’t recognize it, you should probably fix that. Blondie, AKA “The Man With No Name” acquires a poncho with this same pattern towards the end of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. One of the best western movies of all time, and arguably the best of the famed “spaghetti westerns”.


This idea and a mock up was sent to us by a customer in Italy (fitting) and after insisting on paying him for the artwork, we sent it into production. A package with a couple of both sizes is on it’s way to him as you read this.


The patch is available in two sizes, 3”x2” and 5”x3” (the 5x3 is pictured below)

They will cost $9 and $15 respectively.



Both will hit our site on Friday the 12th at 1200 MDT.