Drop Info

  • Erwin's Gun Club & Snake Farm

    Anyways, we made a shirt and hoodie about it.

    These are a pre order and will be available for 48 hours starting now.

  • The Carbondale Hoodie

    Our Carbondale Hoodie, constructed with full pattern micro-fleece, has been a long time coming. 
  • First Patch Set

    I’m surprised it’s taken us this long to make a set.   Seriously. We’ve done small, standard and XL patches but never a set and I think it’s cool...
  • NODs Vaults

    As a fast followup to the Citadel bags we did with GWA, we will be launching Southwest Camo NODs Vaults this friday.
  • F19 Fundraiser (FCPC Giveaway)

    Click here to find out how to win a fully loaded AOR1 FCPC
  • God Speed

    Patches and garment pre order goes live on…
  • BCS Citadel Micro Crüe

    The latest Southwest Camo®️ product is here.
  • Twist of Crime

    New shirt pre order! Goes live on the 4th, read more to find out the details!
  • BCS x QILO // Part 2

    The homies over at QILO Tactical said we were cool enough for another run!
  • Black Canyon // Projekt Monark

    Long overdue, and worth the wait. PM x BCS is going live on
  • DRTC Patches

    These non-reflective IR backed patches made out of lazer cut cordura are a quote from world champion saddle bronc rider Wade Sundell about JB Mauney.
  • T-shirt Pre-order & patch drop

    Due to popular demand we've brought one of our favorite sticker designs back. The Traditional American shirts and patches will go live on...