Original Outlaw

We did not expect this.

Real talk. This design was a spur of the moment thing.

I'm a total sucker for these almost un-useable sub guns. Mac10, Mini-Uzi, Tec9... you name it, I'm in love.

We used my gold spray pained M11 as the model for the Original Outlaw idea. After playing with words we figured this was a perfect mix of the "modern meets vintage" feel of our brand. We sent some trucker caps into production and after the feedback, decided to run a T-shirt pre-order alongside the hats.

In addition to the Original Outlaw stuff we're throwing in a whole new product. Laser etched 500D cordura patches in a fan favorite design.

Drop details below!


When, Where, How...

  • Friday (per usual) June 21st at 1200 MT
  • Tee preorder will run for 72hrs
  • Our website www.blackcanyonsystems.store
  • How? just put in your card info and hit buy.