F19 Fundraiser (FCPC Giveaway)

Fundraiser time. The Five19 Foundation and BCS are teaming up again! For those of you who are new or may have missed the last one, Here's a short bit about F19...

The F19 Foundation is an unconventional grassroots 501c3, run by Guard SF, dedicated to improving the support available to 5th Bn 19th SFG service members and families here in our home state of Colorado. In addition to their OCONUS responsibilities, 5/19 regularly assists local efforts in disaster relief among other things to contribute in their own community.

Now that you know a little bit more about why we are doing this, let's jump into it.

There will be two donation options available, both get you in the running for the brand new Ferro Concepts AOR1 FCPC.

Option number one will be a $100 donation to the Foundation. After checking out like you normally would on our site, F19 will send you a gift basket. The contents of these gift baskets were privately selected by F19 and a local small business, sampled by BCS and chosen specifically for this fundraiser. Additionally, this donation option will earn you two spots in a giveaway to win a fully loaded Ferro Concepts AOR1 FCPC V5. 

Option number two will be a $50 donation. This option counts as a single entry to win the FCPC. It does not include a gift basket so if libations are not your thing, or the gift baskets dry up, you can still give to a good cause and may end up winning!

The Fundraiser will be hosted through the Black Canyon website. Each donation option will go live on Friday the 22nd at 1200 MDT and will conclude on Monday the 25th at 1200 MDT.

The winner of the FCPC will be announced on Tuesday the 26th via Instagram. 

As a final note, donation option one is limited in quantity so make sure you get to the website on time if you want the gift basket. There will be no limitations on the number of donations someone can make. The gift baskets will be restricted to CONUS donors. The FCPC can be shipped anywhere.