Erwin's Gun Club & Snake Farm


The trip down to ‘Gorda for QILO’s 10 year anniversary was a blast. We are hugely appreciative of both QILO and WRMFZY for putting that shindig on.


Saturday night will probably go down as the most Texas shit I’ve ever been a part of. It started with a few guys finding out that we can’t shoot on the property we were staying at and asking around if any locals knew a spot. If you don’t know, Texas has almost no public land so we couldn’t just drive over to some national forest and start blasting.


Lo and behold, the helicopter pilot from Ashcraft Aviation knew a guy who’s dad had a little range in his back yard. Great! Off we trot.


We gather everyone who wanted to go, give out the address and about 5 minutes later 8-10 vehicles with close to 30 people hop out and start throwing kit together and rifles on in this guy’s front yard.


I noticed there were no lights on in the house and start to question if anyone had told this guy we were coming. After a time someone got the nerve to go knock on the door to see what was up.


Mind you, the helicopter pilot is the only person who knows the property owner, and he is not there.


A character we later came to know as Erwin steps out the front door in his underwear and seems a little confused about why there are so many people at his house.


Our guy explains that we were told to come here to shoot and Erwin kind of looks over our spokesmen’s shoulder at the large crowd and said “uh…. Yeah! You guys can shoot!” At this point Erwin retreats inside as we get everything ready for a great time full of belt feds, auto-lowers, nightvision and whatever Gucci gun a guy wanted someone to try out!


Our host came back outside with camo coveralls on, a pair of trash grabbers (we’ll get back to these in a bit) and some Miller Lites in tow.


Someone ripped off a belt of about 75 tracers through the mk46 and Erwin could not have been more unfazed. All he had to say was “That was pretty cool. You should do that again”. He was cool as a cucumber and I think had a good time by the end of it.


We all retreat back to the event venue after thanking Erwin for the awesome spot and cleaning up brass/links. It was only then that I gained a new understanding of what had just transpired.


See, one of our party had been asked by Erwin to help him with something inside his house and happily obliged. What he found was an empty room with heat lamp in it and it turns out, Erwin keeps a few western diamond back rattlesnakes as pets. He needed help finding them. They got out.


Now, I’m about as snake friendly as you can get but I don’t fuck with rattlers and the trash grabbers Erwin was walking a round with were being used to catch his snakes.


Oh how the turn tables… we thought this guy might be put off by a large group of people with machine guns and armor showing up at his house but it turns out we were arguably the least dangerous thing he was dealing with that night.


Anyways, we made a shirt and hoodie about it.

These are a pre order and will be available for 48 hours starting now.


S through 2XL


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Hoodies are $65


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