BCS x BTG drops on 2/24/23 1900 MST


We are proud to announce our long overdue collaboration with Black Triangle Group. If you are not familiar with BTG, they are industry leaders in semi/non-permissive environment self protection tools. Learn more about them here, blktriangle.com/pages/about

Our collaboration, titled "G:10 to Yuma" is a G10 Serval blade with a custom Southwestern pattern sheath and our own signature VHS case. More details directly from the BTG website:

The Serval was originally a steel knife designed in part by Sentinel Concealment Gear and Ed Calderon. The Serval was a reverse-edge nod to the South African Okapi folding knife, with its own unique design. 

Black Triangle worked with both Ed and Sentinel to update this classic design into a non-metallic option. 

This G10 knife offering is point driven, meaning it is intended to be stabbed rather than slashed. The G10 Serval does not feature edges.

G10 is a non-metallic fiberglass composite and is the primary material our knives are made from.

Updated features include a flared pommel and narrower profile. 

6 3/4” OAL

1/4” thick black G10 knife profile

The G:10 to Yuma will sell for $99 and will ship everywhere except New York. Thanks NY law makers, very cool.

*SHIPPING TO OCONUS APO/FPO/Diplomatic Post IS NOT RECOMMENDED!!! You'll likely get the item rejected. Please consider this when ordering!!!

**UK residents accept the risk of shipping our product into the United Kingdom. We are not responsible for its fate within the Royal postal service**