BCS x AXL Shoulder Pads

If you haven’t found out about AXL Advanced yet, go ahead and change that. They do some fantastic work and we are always happy to collaborate with them on projects. This time around, we are launching their Structural Shoulder Pads in the original Southwest Camo®️



The AXL Structural Shoulder Pads are designed for long-term comfort under moderate to heavy loads. By utilizing a structural component over the pad, the weight is always evenly distributed over the entire pad, preventing the shoulder straps of plate carriers from biting into the shoulder under heavier loads and reducing fatigue.




  • Added adjustability for proper armor placement on the body

  • Improves function of quick-release systems

  • Integrated cable routing

  • Trifold flap access for ease of plate height and ride adjustment

  • Structurally supported pad for long-term comfort carrying heavy loads


Compatible with:

  • Spiritus Systems LV-119

  • All Ferro Concepts Carriers

  • Crye JPC™, and AirLite® SPC™

  • S&S Plate frame

  • First Spear Plate Carriers

  • Velocity Systems Scarab & Mayflower APC

  • Many other standard-sized shoulder straps no wider than 2.5" (Eagle, SKD, LBT)



Made in America
Going live on our site Saturday the 16th at 1200 MDT.
$85 sold as a set.